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Automate your hr process to maximize your most important Asset Your Employees

HR Master is a high end web-enabled Human Resource Solution, focused on the complex needs of every HR manager in mind. HR Master is a Comprehensive state of the art software application which focuses on effective and efficient way to manage an organization’s most valuable assets, its Employees. The HR Master is a real-time, seamlessly integrated system, facilitating the management of human resources by senior managers throughout the organization in distributed fashion.

Main Features

Provides management functionality and business processes of HR

Easy to use interface & Quick learning curve.

Multi-company, multi-branch & multi-country.

Automates and streamlines HR procedures / Auto Email based on rules.

Provides centralized procedures. / Allows workforce planning.

Improves admin responsiveness and efficiency.

Graphical personalized dashboard. / Ensures employee data security & accuracy.

Detailed master & transaction reports.

Extensive and user-friendly help. / Dynamic search with advance filter.

MIS reports & analysis. / Data import / export.

Scalable database platform with error checks.

Fine grained user access control with password policy.

Facility of export data to PDF and Excel.

Core employee module
  • Captures detailed employee information e.g. Personal contact details, statutory information, medical, family, bank, past history and archive.

  • File & folder management.

  • Upload scanned documents e.g. National ID, passport, license etc.

  • Customised reporting structure to depict organization chart.

  • Employee self service module. / Employee career history tracking.

  • Organisation hierarchy at different levels. / Disciplinary and award management.

  • User defined fields / Easy information sorting & filtering.

  • Search facility for easy findings of staff & relevant details.

  • Contract management & renewal / Approval forms with template & flow.

  • Forums, messages & notifications / On-boarding process.

Leave Module – Leave Management System

HR Master’s leave Module streamlines the interface between people, process and policies to make it a simple yet efficient way of managing leaves. Having a web-based interface, employees can apply for leaves themselves and check their leave balances and history. Easy to use leave approval also keeps all transaction and history of approval.

  • Comprehensive Leave Master which helps in implementing organization leave policies.

  • Work assignment / Multi-level approval flow.

  • Complementary leave management / Request salary & travel allowance.

  • Obtain confirmation of approved leave via email/ Carry forward leave policy.

  • Leave encashment / Leave travel allowance / Leave pre-planning module.

  • Multiple leave annuity methods(Financial year wise, Joining date wise).

  • Leave request by employee through ESS module, view due leave balance summary as well as history transaction.

  • Automatically send personalized email on specific events.

  • Multiple leave accrual methods(Start of the month, End of the month).

  • Customize leave types and set up complex leave policies for any type of industry.

  • User friendly admin set up screens helps set up set up leave types and policies quickly.

  • Centralised absence management which ensures that your resources are managed well.

  • Transparent leave approval workflow, and current status information.

  • Employees can view current leave balances, request leave, view past leave history and managers can review and approve leave applications on the dashboard.

System Administration
  • Create user roles & grants rights to user.

  • Email setup with alert configuration / Upload company specific HR policies.

  • Export data from any screen / Filter records from any module-any screen.

  • Audit trail to track and trace user activity.

  • Grants branch or global access to user.

  • Allocates document upload quota to users / One-click software update.

  • Define job information(job titles, pay grades, employment status, job categories).

  • Create and generate organizational structure through definition of company information including geographical locations and organizational hierarchies.

  • Changing of labels / colour schemes / Job profiling.

Asset Module

Asset Module helps HR and Admen department to keep a track of all assets issued to staff employees can request items and managers can approve items requested, check stock availability, and manage lost or damaged items with recover option.

  • Add suppliers for asset purchase & serial number tagging option.

  • Store & display asset acquisition policy.

  • Handle asset return or loss, track asset condition & charge penalty.

  • Asset requisition with approve, cancel or question option for approver.

Travel Expense Module

HRM Travel and Expense Module is an integrated travel management system and an employee expense management system in one application. Built around employee self-service, it provides an easy, automated process of requesting, approving travel as well as a very efficient system for employees to track their expense claims.

  • Full travel itinerary with client tracking.

  • Approval processing from claim requests.

  • Exports claims to integrate with accounts.

  • Control travel spend budgets.

  • Track claims online and get timely disbursements.

  • Organize and monitor expense reports.

Appraisals Module

HR Master’s performance management is a flexible way to manage performance of individuals. KPI and Balance scorecards are both measurement systems built on integrated data and help an organization view the business performance. Scorecard is a business performance measurement (BPM) used mostly at senior management level to view the business performance through indicators. This helps the organization to do a pulse check to see how the business is performing towards achieving the strategic goals in different units of business which are operating as per the strategy map.

  • Establish quantitative employee goals, define expectation and align employee goals to broader company objectives.

  • Define both organization wise and personal KPI.

  • Quickly and easily initiate the review process from your desktop.

  • Multiple appraisal cycles during same calendar year(quarterly, mid yearly, yearly etc…).

  • Self assessment and review comments / Multiple level assessments ranking.

  • Provision for recommendation / 360° Appraisal.

  • Training needs capturing / Promotion/ demotion recommendations.

  • A comprehensive question bank to get feedback from employee about resource requirements for current performance cycle/next performance cycle.

  • Full appraisal clarity by offering review of comments at each level of appraisal.

  • Auto display of disciplinary action and awards on appraisal for better decision making and auto penalty on overall score.

  • Option to upload various files justifying the ranking(e.g. sales targets).

  • Option to review previous appraisals both detail and summary.

Project Tracking Module

Project tracking system helps to indicate projects and track each task done in a particular project. It saves time in previewing employees’ projects within a financial year. Complete analysis on time/ hours spent by employee can be obtained which can also be passed payroll (depends on hourly rate).

  • Streamline the project management process by viewing and reporting progress.

  • Visually track project and task progress, view deadlines and task dependencies.

  • Record expenses against projects and tasks.

  • Easily setup recurring tasks.

  • Easily fill out time sheets and submit them for approval.

Recruitment Module

HR Master’s Recruitment module is an easy-to-use application tracking system that helps staffing agencies and recruitment department track job openings, resumes, candidates and contacts more quickly and efficiently.It allows you to spend less time on the process and more time on what you do best. Complete employ tracking right from candidate stage to hiring as an employee.

  • Easily track and manage every requisition / Create candidate database.

  • Make all information about a candidate available to everyone involved in the hiring process.

  • Pre-defined customizable approval process / Integrates with web portal.

  • Built-in workflow automation, for automatic creation of alerts, follow-ups and actions.

  • Create a vacancies with custom workflow steps, questionnaires & documents required.

  • Integrates with web portal / Rank listing & decision recording.

  • Manage multiple interview process through stage levels. / Trace interviews, Offers & Appointments.

  • Create correspondence templates for various stages to be sent to candidates.

  • Search for internal database for new openings to just track recruitment process.

  • Linking of recruitment data once employment is finalized to employ master.

Project Tracking Module

  • Employee registrations, all contributions & growing contract/probation reports.

  • Staff ageing reports (Services & age)./ Project wise time costing reports.

  • Application, transactions. / Leave history reports / Training need reports.

  • Training budget & variance reports. / Asset allocation & history reports.

  • Travel claim reports / Candidate data reports.

  • Appraisal balance, scorecard & progress reports.

Training Module

The training module provides a system to administer and track employee training and development efforts. Training module simplifies and automates the entire training process administration. Manage employees’ training requirements, fulfillment and the feedback process with effortless ease.

  • User definable training requirements grouping based on job & user definable groups.

  • Create course profiles for training. / Allow users to request new training.

  • Automatic notification of invitees and when courses are scheduled or canceled.

  • Training evaluation exams. / Handles internal and external trainers.

  • Ability to easily create user definable reports and charts.

  • Training feedback forms. / Training Calendar.

Time Attendance / Payroll Integration

HRMaster is seamlessly integrated with our time attendance and payroll solution. It can also be integrated to third party payroll or time attendance solution.

  • Leaves updated to Time Master directly.

  • Payroll & attendance information can be viewed in HR management system.

  • Payroll: Request petty cash, reimbursement & penalty deductions.


Report Layout Manager is a report designer and viewer that shifts the focus of business intelligence solution from technology group to the business group.

  • Allows creation of reports by specifying business rules, design format and filter parameters.

  • Supports various reporting formats including charts, pivots, labels, letters, cross tabs etc which can be designed by the user.

  • Advanced formula builder to create simple to complex formula / calculations.

  • View and export reports to Excel, PDF, Word, HTML.

  • Generate report output based on roles ensuring data security.