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We unfortunately live in a dangerous and hazardous time where every second things are happening, devastating things.

Events that no one can foresee and which can affect an organization whatever size or sectors it is include:

  • •Natural disasters such as Cyclones, floods, fire and others.
    •Sabotage and terrorism.
    •Power and energy disruptions.
    •Communications, transportation, safety and service sector failure.
    •Environmental disasters such as pollution and hazardous materials spills.
    •Cyber-attacks and hacker activity.
    •Forex and Supply Chain disturbance.

Very simple, disasters can kill a business.


It is here where SA RESILIENCE as part of our vison “Keep you in Business through operational efficiency and being resilient” by assisting you in implementing Business Continuity Plan.

Business continuity planning is the act of anticipating incidents that will affect critical functions and processes for the organization, ensuring that the organization responds to any incident in a planned and rehearsed manner. We accompany you in:

  • (1) Train and Coach your staff.
  • (2) Conducting Business impact analysis (BIA).
  • (3) Assist your team in building your putting the Business continuity plan.
  • (4) Build awareness campaign.
  • (5) Assist in organizing drills.
  • (6) Assist in implementing Disaster Recovery Plan
  • (7) We also provide ISO 22301 training and Certification.

Our Team has been involved in lot of BCP implementation in different part of the world. We have put in place BCP and BIA in many sectors like Factories, Distribution Center, Supply Chain, Finance, Human Resource and Information Technology.

We are certified:

ISO 22301 Business continuity Plan Lead implementor
ISO 22301 Certified Trainer
Incident Command System (US department Homeland Security )


ISO 22301 Lead Implementor through our partner Treccert ( Certification body from Germany)

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