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Enquest retail is a powerful & user friendly enterprise level point of sale (POS) application that enables retailers to control their operations & reduce management time thus allowing them to concentrate on business specific issues rather than system issues. In Built analytical reports helps to keep a tab on day to day operations as well as profitability. Enquest retail fits well to any business model & helps to streamline & optimize head office/Branch operations.

  • User Friendly design.

  • Multiple branch management & centralized control.

  • Multiple currency / Multiple warehouse.

  • Multiple price list / Price matrix.

  • Flexible pricing with multiple price lists..

  • POS for retail shops / Fast food outlets / Restaurants.

  • Offline / Online synchronization between branches.

  • Branch admin software for local branch related operations.

  • Stand alone sales tills which work even if the network connection goes off.

  • Integrated local purchase & goods receipt from HO.

  • sales / Sales return including credit notes.

  • Loyalty management / Gift vouchers.

  • Advance receipt / Layway sales.

  • Comprehensive analytical reports.

  • Complete accounting module up to P&L.

  • Advance Security Controls.

  • Loading module for wholesalers.

  • Close year process for efficient data management.

  • Branch / HO activitiy notification.

  • Barcode generation and printing.

  • Dashboard for daily activity monitoring.

  • Integrated with variety of POS devices including Thermal printer, Fiscal printer, Pole Display, Cash drawer, Magstripe readers, Barcode readers, Fingerprint readers etc.


Provides quick sales transaction handling with all features to manage the dynamics of modern day customer.

  • Manage sales / refunds / quotations.

  • Multiple price list & price list matrix.

  • Maintain separate delivery schedule if required.

  • Multiple POS device support including fiscal printers.

  • Stand alone offline POS till.

  • Multiple promotions.

  • Issue cash / redeemable credit notes against refund.

  • Accept advance for pre-orders.

  • Item wise / Bill wise discounts in amount/percent.

  • Exempt sales.

  • Integrated to weighing scale for over the counter weighed items .

  • Embedded barcode reading (barcodes from weighing scales).

  • Cash in / cash out from change/banking.

  • Counter cash flow monitoring.

  • Open / close session functionality to manage complete cashier transactions.

  • Shift wise counter close control.

  • Salesman tagging for each sales bill.

  • Credit limit control by Days/amount.

  • Sales order management.

  • Day end reports.


  • Manage customer loyalty.

  • Define custom loyalty earning schemes e.g. per 100 value earn 1 point.

  • Define custom loyalty redemption schemes e.g. per 1 point 2 currency value.

  • Define special promotions on redemptions active on specific dates/branches.

  • Create loyalty customer profile & issue loyalty cards.

  • Multiple loyalty reports.

  • Integration with 3rd party SMS gateway for various notification to customer.

  • Define special promotions on loyalty earning e.g. get x item free or at the discount when your loyalty points reach specific limit.

Inventory Control

Manages extensive inventory to great details while providing full control on the inventory movement and handling.

  • Stock items with multiple scan codes.

  • Multiple units of measure.

  • Re-order level setup & reports.

  • Stock valuation reports on latest cost, weighted average & standard cost.

  • Complete visibility of stock across multiple branches.

  • Branch/HO stock transfer.

  • Recipt/BOM management .

  • Serialized items e.g. mobile items with unique IMEI no.

  • Batch items to track expiry/stock ageing.

  • Consumptions/Manufacturing journal.

  • Physical stock take module.

  • Capture item weights & images.


Provides the flexibility with tight control while purchasing items. Has comprehensive controls to keep a check on purchasing operations and impact transparency.

  • Centrally manage multiple branches.

  • Offline/Online branch setup.

  • Automatic data sync from HO to branch to HO.

  • On demand synchronization for remote locations.

  • Central masters control from head office.

  • Branch specific price lists/promotions.

  • Create walk-in/credit customers at branches.

  • Complete logistics operation management between HO & branch.


  • Accounts receivable / Account payble.

  • General ledgers.

  • Cheque book leaf tracking/ Bank reconciliation.

  • Petty cash management.

  • Cost center for income/expense tracking by business segment/department.

  • Bill by bill invoice management.


  • Define multiple promotions with effective & expiry date/time.

  • Make promotions applicable to specific branches.

  • Define promotions for items till stock available.

  • Define promotions valid on specific days of a week.

  • Raffle draw coupons.

  • Various combination of promotions can be defined e.g. buy one get one free, buy one get another @ x discount, buy two at special price etc….

Security Control

  • User role based security setup.

  • Password policy manager/finger print login.

  • User control from Head office/branch.

  • Item access restriction.

  • Warehouse access rights/tender type wise rights.

  • Action level rights to control various activities e.g. discounts, rate change, item cancellation, etc….

Multi branch

  • Centrally manage multiple branches.

  • Offline/online branch setup.

  • Automatic data sync from HO to branch & branch to HO.

  • On demand synchronization for remote locations.

  • Central masters control from head office.

  • Branch specific price lists/promotions.

  • Create walk in/credit customers at branches.

  • Complete logistics operation management between HO & branch.


  • Integration to ecommerce/PIN pad.

  • Integration to 3rd party ERP/Accounting packages.

  • Cloud deployment.

  • E-vat module.

  • Report design manager.

  • Specialized retail vertical solution.

Analytical Reports

Sale Reports

  • Sales profitability reports.

  • Sales profitability reports.

  • Monthly/yearly sales report.

  • Pivot reports.

  • Analysis by customer, stock group, stock category, area.

Purchase Reports

  • Purchase analysis.

  • Goods receipt/invoice analysis.

  • Goods return/debit note analysis.

  • Outstanding LPO.

  • Pivot reports.

Inventory reports

  • Stock balance report/stock valuation.

  • Branch wise/warehouse wise stock.

  • Pivot reports.

  • Stock item inquiry/Re-order reports.

  • Serial/Batch history.