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Who we are

SA Resilience gives you a specialized services which will give you peace of mind in terms of Resilience and Operational Efficiency.

Resilience in terms of having a robust risk mitigation and Business Continuity plan, have trained resource and increase your stakeholders and customers trust by having ISO certifications. Operational Efficiency by helping you in identifying and Eliminating Waste in your processes by bringing value to your customer and help you in focusing more on what really matters which is your business by taking your IT burden. We don’t treat our Clients as clients but as a partner, as part of our own team. Hence choosing to partner with us is like adding a member to your own organization.

We are also providers for ISO Trainings and Certifications. We are accredited from international well renowned certification institution and our trainers and Auditors are of international levels with load of experience in the sector.

Some of our credentials

  • PECB Iso 22301 Lead Implementer
  • Iso/IEC 27035 Lead incident Manager
  • Iso 21500 Lead Project Manager
  • Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist
  • Microsoft Certified Professinal
  • Cisco certified CCNA

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